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Welcome to www.1mcskibadee.co.uk - MC Skibadee is known throughout the world as one of the best live Drum and Bass MC, MC Skibadee has performed all over the UK, Europe, USA, South America, Australia and Asia - he is truly an international artist. www.1mcskibadee.co.uk is a small fan site dedicated to the MC Skibadee.

My career really took off for me; I would say, in 1996-97 when I started to get a lot of recognition for my work on Kool FM and Raves. I Started getting a lot of bookings and started getting a lot of exposure, basically things started to move from there.

Learn more about MC Skibadee's story in his own words here, and on his Wikipedia page.

2 new Skibadee videos

Just added 2 new videos in the Skibadee Videos section so check it out, one is a short live clip and the other is a new set from PyroRadio.

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