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Lyric for lyric MC Skibadee is the original 'speed rap' Drum and Bass MC - heres a small sample of his lyrics.

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Enta With Da Street Fighter, Ryu, Ken Inside Da Arena, Ha-Yu-Ken With The Fire, Hurricaine Kick U Require, Bison, Honda, Blanca, Enta Rude Boy Vega, Super SNEZ Or SEGA
Super S with the K I B A D Double E
Boooya... We're Back on the Case Again with the Jungalistical Trend Mi Friend, Sippin up on the Heineken, Get em up and Listen a Livin Legend
Move to move move to move to the beat, Juncalistical just can't compete, Rockin the bass up in da God damn venue, Skibadee boy pon da mic im gonna send you, Hide up hide up high in the sky, Be the man to get Boom bye bye, So get to get to get get down slow, Do re mi fa sol la ti do
Enter with the Hell the Raiser, We're hypin up the Temperature
Enter, Autotrader Skibba tha Supplier, Laguna Toyota MR2 Celica, Cavalier or Calibra, Astra or Fiesta, Enter My Space Cruiser Dealin wit da Matter, No Skoda Strada no Honda, Mic Check Mazda, Nova or tha Corsa, Sierra or Frontera
Tom Cruisin' in the Area, Harrison Ford Sierra
Lord, I'm a very Sharp Sword, Number one upon the Billboard
Skibadibadee diplodocus, Danger re-arranger, Now focus, hocus pocus when were bunning down green Locust
I'm like a carpenter I get sharper Ever the night time come we get darker, Killer, in Manilla, gon' make u shiva, However, Bruised Batter, deal widda matter Skibbadee Skibbadanger Rearrange Ya, Hit u wiv the raw for Sure, Yeah bun the draw
I make that dragon Slayer, say your Prayer, I am your lord Mayor Deal wid your Matter in ya dancin. Deal wid it Mania, Well if ya Arnold Schwarzenegger or ya ERASER, Yeah dark side, hold ya fine rough Ride Move to da beat move to beat move to da beat Inside Right about now ya rockin wid da 8 9 5, Move to da beat move to da beat Inside
Dis one come like Cinema Widda lights and can of Amber Nectar, To get ya, put your back on the Stretcher, Ain't gonna let ya, bad boy Selector, Welcome to my Seminar, proffessor or lecturer, Lyrical Examinar dealing wid da Matter, Get high hat widda symble, pop you can't stop Pringal
Skiba the Dapper I deal with the Matter, Jungle or Ragga, it doesnt Matter
Who gunna get gunna get, who gunna get down with the beat thats best, Im gunna make ya body' bod sweat, Roundhouse to the back of the neck, Rocking the rhythm and never forget, check check down with the Lyrical set