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Skibadee's 'Autotrader' Lyric

Enter, Autotrader Skibba tha Supplier, Laguna Toyota MR2 Celica, Cavalier or Calibra, Astra or Fiesta, Enter My Space Cruiser Dealin wit da Matter, No Skoda Strada no Honda, Mic Check Mazda, Nova or tha Corsa, Sierra or Frontera When I Gonna Get Gonna Get a Beemer, Up an Up an that Temperature, Ride like Jaguar or Lexus, Cowabunga Oh no Here we go, Rocking with the Polo, Mondeo, the Volvo, Alfa Romeo, 205 Peugeot, Corrada, Corrado, GTi Uno with alloys on your Putno Cruise with the Control, Brakelight on the Window, Roof tha porno we rocking with the Bulldozer, On Crossfader Skiba the Supplier Oh lord 4-door Capri or Mini, Were biggin up the Lamborgini with the fire red Ferrarri, With the Audi A3, Mercedes 190, GTi, GTe, gotta get hype with the Skibadee