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MC Skibadee's 'Alphabet' Lyric

Now A dont animate, alienate or agravate To the B dont be late I'll break that bantam weight To C I calculate I cant wait I contemplate, Cultivate and concentrate, Lyric time to celebrate But D, delegate to the E i educate To the F dont fabricate I facinate the featherweight And G graduate to the H dont hesitate to I imma illustrated not imitate but infiltrate To the L, liquidate, liberate and legislate To the M its the marvellous mate N dont negate The O, gonna operate, orchestrate its overweight Poison P gonna penetrate that paperweight mc mate R gonna reinstate Supa S skibadee the great T never tolerate The U im underway Gonna rock to W im well away Im bang on time never late Risin up like i baked you a cake Alphabetical Automate